About Me

RS_Close_Profile_PicAustin is a born and bred Kansas boy. He grew up watching Kansas basketball, Kansas State football, Wichita State baseball, and The Wizard of Oz. Like all Kansans, Austin spent the majority of his childhood building tree houses, riding unicycles, fishing, earning blackbelts, windsurfing, and boycotting the Broadway musical about their detested rival state, Oklahoma.

Austin attended the best school in Kansas, Kansas State University and studied Silent Film Screen Writing but changed promptly after his first independent film. After seeking out the meaning of life and a different major, Austin graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in International Marketing.  His senior thesis, “How to Reclaim Kansas City From Those Hillbilly Missourans”, earned multiple awards and recognition worldwide.

After graduating, Austin sold all of his worldly possessions and moved to The Orient to pursue his love of kimchi, K-pop, and Starcraft. After spending 3-1/2 years completing his bucket list in Seoul, the home of “Gangnam Style”, he returned to the mighty US-of-A, and transplanted to Denver.  Nowadays, Austin spends most of his spare time drinking scotch and reading leather-bound books next to his handcrafted mahogany fireplace. When he is able to set down Webster’s Dictionary the Latin Edition, he also enjoys climbing mountains, playing with his pet dire wolf, woodworking, lifting heavy things and putting them down again and hanging out with his best friends, Ron Swanson, the Dos Equis guy and Chuck Norris.


Movie Synopsis:

In Guy Ritchie’s gritty, Wizard of Oz remake (“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Broomsticks”), Dorothy is rescued from London’s criminal underworld by a reluctant ex-con, played by Jason Statham.  The two promptly fall in love, and move back to Kansas to get married, run her family’s yellow brick factory, and raise their son:  “The Marketing Prodigy,” Austin Waldo.


Thanks so much for checking out my website. Feel free to browse and check out all the pages whether you are interested in me professionally, romantically, or you just got lost trying to find Waldo.



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